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Great Holiday Trips

When the holidays arrive, families love to travel all the time. It is because travelling during the holidays lets the family experience lots of wonderful things. Now when it comes to travelling, there are plenty of places that families can go to during the holidays. However, there are a few places that have been pretty popular lately and one of those places is Ecuador. Ecuador is a small country in Southeast Asia and is one of the top destinations during the holidays. To learn more about Ecuador Holidays, click here to get started. The main reason for this is because there are lots of diversity and culture when it comes to Ecuador. Not only that, their traditions and practices are also very popular not to mention the places that can be visited and experienced there as well. Whenever families and tourists come to Ecuador for the holidays, there are top 5 destinations that they really should check out before they leave Ecuador. The first destination that is very popular in Ecuador is Quito. The city of Quito is a very popular destination and it is very rich in culture and history. It is also a very modernized city as well even though it still has some rich history behind it. Quito has been dubbed as a Word Heritage Site by UNESCO because of its older city. There are lots of mansions and palaces that can be found in the old city of Quito, convents and churches as well. The City of Quito can be toured for around two days to get the best experience out there. There are lots of art galleries and museums to visit. The best information about Ecuador holidays is available in the link, check it out!  There are also other side trips to do when in Quito. The next destination to visit is the Amazon. The Amazon jungle is by far one of the most popular places to visit all over the world. The rainforests in the Amazon are very lovely to walk through. There are dense populations of wildlife and plants as well. Different species of them can be found in the rainforests of the Amazon. Last but not the least is the Amazon river, which is very long and stretches as far as it can get. There are lots of tours that are being conducted in the rainforests of the Amazon to ensure that people do not get lost and get the best out of their trip as well as far as the holidays go. Increase your knowledge about travel through visiting https://www.huffingtonpost.com/suzan-haskins-and-dan-prescher/retire-to-ecuador_b_3518701.html.


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